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Medeng Charitable Trust

MEDENG a pedagogy in the evolution of true education.It believes in inculcating students with moral values, positive thinking and developing ethical values as the true value of education.It is born from the honegt and hardworking individuals formed as a welfare body.MEDENG embodies competitive spirit and skill in its Structure and truly believes education as gateway to equality, liberty and freedom as writ-ten in our constitution.

MEDENG's team of professionals are highly skilled , good speakers and good ligteners to students que-ries. Their experience and knowledge has yielded many great results and awards in their more than 30 years of service.Honegtly speaking, we at MEDENG, want to be the begt and set an example to others with our standards in giving high quality of education. We have immense faith and confidence in our team as they have deep undergtanding of the subject and can deliver content in easy language to the students.

MEDENG strongly advocates in transformation of 'read and write' format to 'imagination and anima-tion' format and it is our small walk into digital India. MEDENG has set principles for itself and shall not compromise its core values or shall never dilute its ethics.

Our Vision

Reaching out to suppressed classes of Students located remotely and nurturing them as contributors to the society
"Education is the most powerful Weapon we can use to change the world."

Our Mission

Enhancement of Supressed class student's calibre and imparting holistic development through in-campus "centre for excellence" & e-learning platforms to render high quality education to secure maximum number of seats in IIT JEE & NEET entrances and all other National / State Level entrances
"Education is not preparation for life..... It is life it self."

Featured Causes

“Education is the manifestation of the perception already in man.”

– Swami Vivekananda –

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